Cleaning Your Desktop

How clean is the inside of your computer? Over time, dust can build up on the fans and other components, causing them to overheat and fail. Excessive heat is one of the things that can shorten the lifespan of your computer. Simply blowing out the dust occasionally can prevent this from happening.

To clean the inside of your desktop case, follow these simple steps.

1. Remove the side cover of your system. The process for doing this varies by system, consult your system’s owners manual if necessary.

2. Use a blower tool to blow away all of the dust from the all areas of the inside of the case.  Be sure to hold the fans still while doing this so that they don’t spin too fast because this could damage the bearings and cause them to rattle.

3.  Once all of the dust is removed, re-install the side cover of your system.

The blower tool that I use is the Xpower Airrow.  This blower is very powerful and has many other uses besides just cleaning your computer case.

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